Please note that our great new creative,active, archive web site for brettmarvin.com is the only official web site for Brett Marvin and the Thunderbolts.The brettmarvin.co.uk no longer represents us in anyway, is out of date, defunked, and a dead duck. 

After loosing three band members to the Grim Reaper over the past 8 years we haven't performed as a band for over 5 years now but we have managed to release two cds on our own SunHouse Records label produced by and financed by original founding members Peter Gibson and Keith Trussell.

The band have always appreciated the benefits of having a legitimate presence on the most popular social media sites and have finally set up an account under one umbrella and under our sole control with out having to rely on peat bog wife to tend the site.

Pete Rimmer Photos of Brett Marvin on SmugMug